Call for Papers for the Special Issue "The 2023 general election in Slovakia in Times of Polycrisis: Political Communication, Results, Consequences" (2/2024)


This call for papers focuses on the September 2023 Slovak general election occurring amidst a period of polycrisis, including the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The snap election holds crucial implications for Slovak democracy, weakened by these crises, and carries geopolitical influence impacting EU and NATO cohesion. The special issue seeks empirical papers addressing various election aspects, such as party systems, populism, media coverage, voting patterns, and societal consequences. Authors are encouraged to submit abstracts for potential inclusion in this timely and rigorous collection exploring the election's political and geopolitical ramifications, with the special issue expected to be published in mid-2024.

Editors of the special issue: Vlastimil Havlík, Jakub Lysek, Peter Spáč, Ľubomír Zvada