The Introduction to electoral geography in Slovenia in the second half of nineties


The paper describes some basic facts about electoral geography in Republic of Slovenia. Autors analyse the connection between electoral results and geographical division of Slovenia mainly in parliamentary elections November 2000 and 1996. In the first part of this study are shown some basic remarks about electoral geography as part of the political geography. Then the study shows fundamental information about the Slovenian system of political parties. The electoral system and its changes from this year are also described. The main part of the study dealt with the analysis of electoral results of two last parliamentary elections on the level of electoral units and districts. Autors analyse also the results of the Slovenian party blocs. The Slovenian political parties are divided into centerleft and centerright blocs. As the typical features of the Slovenian political map could be mentioned the east-west division between areas where the right wing parties are stronger (the eastern part) and the strongholds of the left (western part). Both main political blocs consist of both urban and rural based parties. Generally is the left stronger in towns.

Electoral geography; Slovenia; geographical division; parliamentary elections




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