Colonies and dependent Territories in Contemporary World


This paper points at situation of dependent territories in whole world. For many people it could be strange but in the contemporary world there is quite a lot of colonies. Why could be this information strange for someone? Today’s colonial empires, especially the greatest colonial empire United States, but not only, tries to hide their position of state which has colonies, because the word “colony” is unacceptable in modern political correctly terminology of politics. That is why these states use such euphemistic terms as “overseas territory”, “external territory”, “department d’outre-mer”, “Commonwealth”, anything, but never “colony”. We can see colonies absolutely subordinated to their mather countries, and colonies with so extensive autonomy almost equal to independent states. The note of twentieth century was decolonization (we remember for example a term “the Year of Africa”). How it looks today? Surprisingly not all today’s nations under the colonial rule wants to liberate themselves. It seems that colonialism is not only a historical matter but a very present aspect of modern politics and it’s end is unseen.

kolonie; závislá území; colonies; dependent terriotories




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