What kind of democracy for Slovakia?


This article discusses the question of the best democratic model for the Slovak republic. The Slovak politics and society were characterised by great degree of polarisation in 1990s. The political elite was fragmented. Within there was run a sharp political contest between the camp lead by Mečiar‘s Movement tor Democratic Slovakia (HZDS) and the camp ot their opponents. In 1994-1998, HZDS tried to implement the majority model of democracy, but the outcome was endanger ot the democratic regime, Afterwards (1998-2002), its political opponents have assumed the executive power and have isolated HZDS. In this era there were reinforced some consensual elements. But, it did not lead to ultimate consolidation of democracy. The Slovak society is divided by several cleavages. The most important are ethnic and culture-society cleavages (the class cleavage is blocked by both of these cleavages). In my opinion the solution of the Slovak problems with consolidation of democracy is the implementation of some elements of consensual A. Lijphart's model of democracy (in the first place the minority veto).

Lijphart; democracy; Slovakia; cleavages.




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