The Ukrainian Constitutional Court


The text “The Constitutional Court of the Ukraine” informs us about the Ukraine Constitutional Court, the seat of which is Kyjev. It is the only authority that protects constitutionality, it examines not only the constitutionality of the acts of Parliament, president, government and other administrative bodies but also the constitutionality of the acts of the autonomous Republic of Krym. The Constitutional Court on the basis of the proposal of Parliament expresses its opinion on the accusation of president of treason, but it is the Supreme Court which decides the issue of guilt or innocence. The Constitutional Court has 18 members, one third of whom is appointed by the president, one third is elected by Parliament and one third is elected on the Ukraine congress of judges. Legal experts who are active at universities - professors and senior lecturers form the majority in the actual structure of the court. Judges cannot be appointed to the office repeatedly and their duties expire at the age of 65.

The Ukraine; The Constitutional Court.




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