European integration theories and the political development of the Community


This paper tries to examine the link between the integration paradigms and the political development of the Community since 1952. It aims to find the key signs of neofunctionalism, federalism and the intergovernmental approach in the ES/EU treaties, in other reform papers and necessary in the institutional structure. The text intends to offer an answer to the question concerning the EU future, especially in prospect of enlargement and expectations of the candidate countries. With regard to the treaties modifications during the 90’s the author analyses the Community development and presents the conclusion that the European integration process reinforced the supranational elements in principle and tends unambiguous to the political union in federal sense. This conclusion is supported by the concrete examples of the lost of the member state sovereignty in decision making process.

supranationalism; neofunctionalism; federalism; intergovernmentalism; EU institutions; policies.




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