The Mirror of Austrian Political Science


This review article deals with the volume Democracy and Critique – 40 Years of Political Science in Austria edited by Helmut Kramer. The article not only covers and reviews the content of the volume, but also discusses the contemporary state of Austrian political science. This topic is critically discussed and in particular cases a comparison with the present state of Czech political science is made. Thus, the article offers an introduction to the development, structures, persons and problems of recent Austrian political science. Related fields (international relations studies, European studies) are covered, too. The article presents Austrian political science as an interesting example of a small “national” political science that has been built up in the turbulent atmosphere of the 1960s. Austrian political science is dominated by the critical-dialectic paradigm and has to compete not only with other social sciences, but also with “well-established” fields in the humanities such as history and law. Although Austrian political science celebrated its 40th anniversary, it still has to struggle for more public and political recognition. Thus, certain similarities between Austria and the Czech Republic are evident, regardless of the two countries’ different historical pathways and conditions.

Austrian political science; Czech political science; European Studies; International Relations; development of Austrian scientific community; paradigms of political science




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