Shades of Czech Green Politics since 1989


The article first describes the specific conditions of Czech “green politics” closely before and after November 1989 and argues that these conditions not only account for the Green Party’s unsuccessful involvement in Czech politics, but also led to the exclusion of politicians focused on environmental issues from decisive positions in the important political parties. It offers a detailed description of the developments in the Green Party around 2002, especially of the agreement between the Brandýs forum and the “old” Green Party, the “dark-green” fraction’s takeover of the Green Party, and the improvement of the Green Party’s political position that was nevertheless accompanied by internal conflict. An extensive subsequent part of the article deals with the policy of the Czech Ministry of the Environment. Finally, the article discusses the internal split within the Green Party and the future prospects of environmental policy in the Czech Republic.

Czech green politics; Green Party; Czech Ministry of the Environment; environmental policy




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