The Origin, Development, and Transformation Peripetia of the Moravian National Party, 1990–1997


The Moravian movement became strong after November 1989, predominantly due to the surprising success of the Movement for Self-Governing Democracy – Association for Moravia and Silesia (HSD-SMS). This article analyzes the origin and development of another radical Moravist party – the Moravian National Party (MNS) in the period 1990–1997. MNS was established at the end of September 1990 and its activities continued until MNS transformed in 1997. MNS sharply defended the rights of Moravia („the Moravian nation“) and formed an integral part of the fragmented pro-Moravian movement. MNS has never achieved any great success in parliamentary or municipal elections. For that reason it has always failed to push through any of its fundamental political demands in the area of territorial reorganization of the state (federalist state). In 1997, MNS and the Bohemian-Moravian Center Union (ČMUS) integrated into a new political subject called the Moravian Democratic Party (MoDS), representing marginal political parties in the Czech party system. Currently, the Moravian movement is weak and remains an irrelevant part of the Czech political system.

Moravian National Party; MNS; moravist party; federalist state; nationalist party; Moravian nation; Ivan Dřímal




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