Causes of the Rise of Radical Right-wing Populism in Sweden


The aim of the article is to analyze the causes behind the electoral success of the Sweden Democrats, the radical right-wing populist party in Sweden that gained parliamentary representation in the 2010 elections. The article argues that the causes of its success should be looked for not only in favourable political conditions (e.g. the continuing saliency of the immigration issue, growing electoral volatility and decreasing partisan identification), but above all in the party’s strategy – a new master frame, the politicization of the immigration issue, and the strengthening of the party’s organization. The Sweden Democrats have moderated their party program and, to a large extent, rid themselves of the stigma that resulted from their origins and their connection to neo-Nazi movements. They have also skilfully used media attention and succeeded in politicizing their major issue – immigration. Another reason for their success lies in their establishment of party apparatus at the municipal and regional levels.

Sweden; radical right-wing populist parties; the Sweden Democrats




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